Seeing as we can’t play football, nor watch football we’ve decided to create our own means to get our fix – Chesh Football Manager 2020.

Starting next week #cheshfm will be releasing special episodes of the podcast which will see the lads play a season in the Premier League as Cheshire Lines FC, using uniquely designed players from our existing squad that match their real personalities.

Whilst we control the screen as the imperious John ‘Yozza’ Hughes, you the listener get to make the big decisions as our Assistant Manager.

Each episode we will throw important decisions over to you to decide – tactics, who gets dropped, which player deserves a new lucrative contract, who we buy or even which lad gets sending off on loan to Siberia because they are a pain in the ass!

You can listen to the show through our mobile app which is available to download free on Apple and Android App stores or you can subscribe on your favourite podcast platform so the latest show uploads automatically onto your device. To find easy links click here.

Check out the first show coming next week exclusively on #cheshfm