It’s no secret amongst footballers that they always believe they know best, whether this be which formation should be used, who should be selected and who should be sold.

Well folks, the time has come to put your money where your mouth is (actually not money, because its free to enter, but you get the point) as the Chesh launches it’s Premier League Fantasy Football Competition. Showboat with your managerial brilliance, lord your success over fellow team mates, family and friends and generally lose a solid 2 hours of every Friday afternoon frantically sorting your transfers before the deadline, when you ought to really be working.

Best of all, our very own management team will be entering teams so you get the perfect chance to prove you know more than them.

All are welcome. Simply sign up to the official Premier League competition and pick your team. Once that has been confirmed, select enter private league and enter the code 1027906-229754

Hurry now because the new season starts in just 2 weeks time and of course if you don’t enter, we’ll just assume you lost your bottle. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Good luck ladies and gentlemen (but not too much of course – we want to win after all!)