#Chesh FM 2020 Ep1 – What a disastrous start!

Well, our brand-new feature for #cheshFM is up and running and suffice to say we haven’t taken to management like a duck to water!

We arrived at the club to find the coffers not just empty but holding a £24 million debt, meaning we will be making do with our existing squad whether we like it or not, The board holding large expectations for the forthcoming season.

This wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that our desire to have an exotic flavour to our rota means we have inadvertently created a work permit issue for Adam Yazici which might mean he is unable to play for the club at all….doh! Watch this space to see whether or not we can get the work permit for the young, promising striker.



To make matters worse there is already growing unease within the dressing room, particularly with the high rollers, as Leon Williams refuses to renegotiate his highly lucrative contract at the twilight of his career, believing that the squad simply isn’t up to scratch. Meanwhile youngster Mike Brennan is left having to buy Asda’s own hair gel on special offer to stretch his measly £7.4K per wk salary.


We also have the question none of us expected to have to answer, which is who the f#@! is Ryan Bennett?! A covert loan deal appears to have been snuck under the radar by the board for a player we neither know nor quite frankly want. With an inability to terminate the loan early we are stuck with him and with the huge amount of other negative pressures we are facing at the moment have decided to vent all of our frustrations, anger and general evil feelings towards our new, unwanted loanee!

You have course vital to our ongoing drive to lift the Premier League title. To send us your suggestions on how to outrageously bully Ryan Bennett, fix the financial catastrophe, settle the in-dressing room fighting over money and suggest tactics and formation ready for episode 2, simply send record a voice message using our mobile app feature. You can download it free on Apple or Android app stores.

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